Your Window to Joy, Health,Harmony and Affluence

"Big Vastu" presents a revolutionary concept in scientific Vastu of homes and commercial premises’. It provides time tested solutions which are efficient and cost effective. "Big Vastu" works on principles of “No Demolitions.” It deals with Vastu Dosha problems which are based on centuries old principles enshrined in “Vishwakarma Prakash” and other related scriptures. Our scriptures guide us in a structured manner about planning and construction process of homes/premises and also suggest practical measures to convert already built-up structures as truly Vastu compliant premises’ for peace and harmony.

It has been observed that a large number of people on this earth face multiple set of problems. These problems emanate from various Astrological anomalies, Vastu imbalances and problems emanating due to “Geopathic-Stress (Bhoomi Dosha).” Experience has shown that these imbalances can be easily corrected through time tested Upayas from fields of Vedic Astrology and Vastu scriptures.

Vastu for Office in Mumbai