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Astonishing Vastu Tips for Home which will Change Your Life

Vastu shastra is one of the ancient Indian science of architecture which helps in balancing the five elements, namely, earth, air, water, fire and space for a harmonious living. While in today’s modern world it is very difficult to find a house/ flat which is fully vastu compliant, yet we can follow few simple vastu tips for home which helps us to bring the good and positive energy in our house without going for too many constructional changes. These very easy tips not only helpful for your house but these vastu tips helps to make your work place and shops also positive. You will find vastu for office in Mumbai, they have expertise to design your office place a vastu favorable place to work in. Avoid Clutter – It is very important that your house is clean, organized and clutter free. Dispose things which you have not used for a long time and have no intention of using in the future. Do not hoard unnecessary things as they attract a lot of negative energy and lead to confusion and arguments in the house. If you have broken electronic equipments, electric wires and broken clocks in the house either remove them or get them repaired without any delay. This is the most important vastu tip for home and should be followed very strictly. Even if you have a home which is fully vastu compliant but it is having a lot of clutter, it will tend to draw a lot of negative energies. Mirrors – Mirrors are not recommended in bedroom or in kitchen. If you already have one in the bedroom and cannot remove it, try at least to keep it covered while sleeping. Kitchen – Should ideally be in the South-East corner of the house. If not possible, then the North- West corner is the second best option. The gas stove should, then be placed in the South-East direction. Box beds- should be avoided altogether as they indicate a grave and lead to ill health of the person using them. Salt- Placing salt in the four corners of the room will help in absorbing negative energies of the room. You can fill a glass bowl with some water, put some salt in it and keep one such bowl in each corner of the room. This water must be changed periodically, say at least once in a week. Alternately, you can also use salt to wipe the floor of your house and discard the water in the bathroom. Main Door – Main door of the house should not be obstructed. It should be well lit and should have a name plate outside. Also, it should be the largest door in the house. Puja room or corner – It should be in the North-East corner of the house. You should be facing either North or the East while performing the pujas. Pictures- Do not place pictures of wild animals like tiger, cheetah etc. or even birds like owl, eagle etc. in the house. Pictures of rainbow, garden and beautiful flowers especially sunflower are considered to be very positive and they help in raising the positive energies of the house. Plants- Putting the right plants in the house not only helps in bringing nature into the interiors, but also helps in blocking negative energies and bringing in positive energies. However, care should be taken to avoid thorny and milk producing plants like cactus and rubber plant. The main objective of these vastu tips for your home is to block negative energies from entering the house and increase the flow of positive energies as more flow of positive energies ensure more peace, prosperity and good luck. Start following these simple tips today and see your life changing for the better.