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6 Days High Impact Interactive Vastu Seminar In Delhi on

Vastu & Energy Management

(7th March - 12th March 2017)

Hotel Crowne Plaza, Rohini, Delhi

Big Vastu introduces 1st of its kind of Vastu Seminar in world on the subjects of “Vastu & Energy Management.” The Training course will be of 6 days duration ( Non- Residential programme) to be held from 7th March to 12th March 2017 in Delhi in a 5 Star environment. The 50 work hours of theories and practicals will equip trainees with highly qualitative aspects of Vastu & Energy Management. It will also enable them to practice Vastu immediately after completion of training modules.

The seminar will be presented by the finest set of Vastu Practitioners who have decades of experience in the field of Vastu & Energy analysis.

Trainees will be provided an amazing kit comprising original Lecher Antennas, Pendulums, Aura Scanners, Magnetic Compass, Directional Devices, Carry Bags and Guide Bo0ks and the cost of the same is already included in Fee. This seminar and its offerings are 1st of its kind in the history of Vastu Training in world. It will benefit the trainees as they will be fully equipped with modern set of equipments to begin their Vastu practice the very next day of completion of this 6 Days High Impact Interactive Vastu and Energy Management training course.

Assurance: trainees are also assured of 2 years of full back up support from the team of Big Vastu without any extra cost in case trainees need any kind of technical help in analyzing the Vastu cases of their respective clients.

The training course will encompass:

Day 1: Basic Concepts of Vastu

  • Registration and Introduction
  • Importance of Panchkosh
  • Swar Yoga
  • Basic understanding of Vastu
  • Vastu Purush Mandal and 45 Vastu Gods
  • 5 Elements
  • 10 Directions
  • 8/16/32 Zones of a premises/plot
  • 180 Degree Big Vastu Concepts
  • Land and Buildup premises ( 2 different dimensions)
  • Practical aspects and case studies

Day 2: Directional Grid Making and Building Biology

  • The day begins with Swar Yoga
  • Use of Magnetic Compass
  • Grid making Techniques- Large plots home/flats
  • Size, Shapes and defects plots/premises
  • Structural Vastu
  • Geo Biology
  • Practical Aspects and case studies

Day 3: Energy and Energy Analysis/ Dowsing Techniques

  • The day begins with Swar Yoga
  • Energy Matrix and human connect
  • Understanding Energy of a premises and its various dimensions
  • Energy analysis of a plot/home/flat/office
  • Understanding of Dowsing and Dosing techniques
  • Understanding of Geopathic Stress
  • Use of Pendulum
  • Understanding of Ayadi, Shadvarga & Marmasthan
  • Practical aspects and case studies

Day 4: Dowsing Techniques/ Lecher Antenna and its various dimensions

  • The day begins with Swar Yoga
  • Dowsing with Lecher Antenna
  • Hartmann and Curry lines
  • Other GS lines
  • Multiple usage of Lecher Antenna
  • Practical aspects and case studies

Day 5: Aura Scanners, Chakras, Nadis and Remedies

  • The day begins with Swar Yoga
  • 7 chakras, Nadis
  • Aura Scanner use
  • Fault detection techniques
  • Rectification Techniques, Remedies and Solutions

Day 6: Case Studies and practical aspects

  • The day begins with Swar Yoga
  • Case studies
  • 180 Degree Big Vastu Concepts and its Application in finidng dynamic solutions
  • Summary of course
  • Rectification Techniques, Remedies and Solutions

Energy Investment:

Rs. 1,84,000.00 (inc of all Taxes)

US $ 2875.00 for NRIs and Foreign Nationals (Subject to exchange rate fluctuations)

Note: all trainees will be provided Lunch, Tea and snacks during seminar period


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