Energies & Geopathic Stress:

To understand our lives better, we need to understand the importance of human-space energy matrix. In a sense we all are replica of one or other form of energy. Our joys, sorrows and life achievements depends on our energy balance. At “Big Vastu” we try to understand the compatibility of a person with his/her surroundings and premises. Non-compatibility of energy paradigms can disrupt processes of life and thus gets resulted into miseries and sorrows. “Big Vastu” makes thorough checks of a premises to determine the energy deficiencies in a particular area of premises.

We the human being do counter 3 sets of energies which impact our lives on day to day basis. These energies are:

  1. Cosmic energy (energy coming from heavens/space)
  2. Global or Environmental energy ( energy of a premises)
  3. Earth or Telluric energy (energy coming from below the Earth’s crust)

Vedic Astrology (Cosmic Energy) deals with time and planetary positions at the time of birth of an individual. Cosmic energy deals with head and neck parts of our body and gets reflected through 3 important chakras

  1. Sahasrar Chakra or Crown Chakra,
  2. Ajna Chakra or Third eye Chakra
  3. Vishudha Chakra or Communication/Throat Chakra).

Cosmic energy deals with North East of our premises.

Global or Environmental energy is about Vastu of our premises. From neck to navel part in our body reflect this global/environmental energy. It is also reflected through 2 important chakras in our body :

  1. Anahat chakra or Heart Chakra
  2. Manipur Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra

Global energy deals with Brahamsthan of our premises.

Earth energy deals with stresses coming from below the crust of Earth. These stresses are energies which emanate as a result of multiple activities and reactions taking place inside earth due to movement of fault lines, mineral concentration, water channels, chemical activities, black streams or any other type of activity down below inside earth. These set of energies do get released from below the earth and travel in various natural channels on earth surface. It has been observed that most of life problems and critical illnesses happen due to Geopathic stress only. Earth energy deals with body parts below our navel area. It gets reflected through 2 important chakras

  1. Swadishthan Chakra or Sacral Chakra
  2. Mooladhar Chakra or Root Chakra

Earth energy deals with South West of our premises.

Earth energy, Geopathic stress (Electromagnetic radiation from below the earth) and its impact on human lives is increasingly being talked about these days. “Big Vastu” employs modern day technologies, techniques and human efforts to detect such stresses and suggests remedies which provide optimum solutions to relieve people of their miseries and pains.

Healthy buildings/surroundings are indeed a huge asset and support for positive and pleasant human-space energy compatibility. Any kind of disruption in resonance of earth’s electromagnetic field’s frequency 7.83 Hz, which is compatible for peaceful human life, can play havoc with our health.

“Big Vastu” thus takes care of all facets of energy matrix to devise practical solutions for human lives. It deals with all energies in a composite manner to provide a composite solution to people.

The diseases and sicknesses caused by Geopathic Stress:

Geopathic stress in itself doesnot cause sickneseses but lower the immune system of a person which leads to generation of various types of siknesses. Some of the symptoms/diseases:

  • Behavior change i.e. aggression, hyper activity, heightened emotions
  • Sleeping disorders/restlessness/ uneasiness
  • Exhaustion/ insomnia/ headache
  • Depression/ nervousness/ stress
  • Miscarriages/ infertility
  • Aches and pains/ allergies
  • Lack of concentration/ memory loss/ disorientation
  • Resistance to medicines
  • Cancer/tumors and other dreaded diseases
  • Prolonged and critical sicknesses
  • Many other symptoms of sicknesses