It has been our keen observation that Vastu of a place plays much bigger role in setting of planetary positons at the time of birth of an individual. Through the study of large number of horoscopes, we have reached the conclusions that VastuDoshas do get fully reflected in the horoscope of a person at time of birth.

"Big Vastu" takes into account the teachings of Vedic Astrology and Vastu Principles of “Vishwakarma Prakash” to give people practical solutions which works wonderfully.

Experts at "Big Vastu" has dealt effectively with problems of a large number of homes and commercial premises’ in last few years to give them joy and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives.

vastu tips for home in Mumbai

vastu tips for home in Mumbai

"Big Vastu" Concepts are broadly based on 5 Step Methodology:

  • 1. Feel of the Premises/Testing of Soil/Testing of Geopathic Stress/Energy
  • 2. Location of Entrance to the Premises
  • 3. 8/16/32 Divisions of Premises as per Principles of “Vishwakarma Prakash”
  • 4. Finding the Elemental and Energy Imbalances in Premise
  • 5. Providing time tested Solutions as detailed in Various Ancient Vastu Scriptures
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