1. At the receipt of required details from customers, "Big Vastu" experts will do the thorough scrutiny of details provided by customer.

2. After analysis of the same, "Big Vastu" experts will make site visit (Practical study) to check for surroundings, directions, adjoining road directions, Building heights, slopes, Water bodies and borings (even of neighborhood), Geopathic Stress and other influences on the plot/premises.

3. Check common entrance to the premises (high rises and Commercial) i.e. Malls, officer complexes, staircases, escalators, lifts, corridors, roads directions, slopes and elevations, nearby temples or religious places or other structures.

4. For large commercial units/factories- checking of soil, roads, directions, entrances, layout of machineries, septic tanks, effluent plants, boilers, furnaces, electrical transformers, raw material places, finished good areas or godowns, loading and unloading points, office premises and other commercial factors.

5."Big Vastu" experts will prepare the detailed and exhaustive project report before suggesting the remedial measures.