"Big Vastu" offers a wide range of Vastu and energy auditing services of a premises and suggests remedies for different life domains i.e. marriage, career, business and finance, debts, diseases, children, education, litigation, loans, sudden gains and foreign based prospects. Dealing with "Big Vastu" would indeed be a delightful and satisfying experience for remedy seekers.

At "Big Vastu,” we make concerted and conscious efforts to provide customers with outcome oriented solutions which are not just cost effective but also free of any large scale demolitions or relocations. "Big Vastu" would indeed bestow you with a peaceful mind seizing away all your worries and your anxieties by offering the best consultancy and pragmatic suggestions/remedies. At "Big Vastu" you can be assured that you will get clarity of mind, healthy cash flows, gains, growth, name and fame, harmony, confidence and conviction, good mental and physical health, spiritual healing, improvement in kid's studies, newer opportunities, stoppage of wastage, job placement orders, good efficient office staff, better skills and huge social connectivity through our 5 Step Methodology.

"Big Vastu" team works from cities of Baroda and Mumbai. It caters to the active needs of people and on invitation our experts do travel to various cities of India. You can be assured that all your Vastu and Energy deficiency problems of a premises would be dealt with professionally in a time bound manner. “Big Vastu” team members are reputed Astrologers, Numerologists, Vastu experts and Geopathic stress expertswho bring with them decades of experience in the field.